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Development Services

Site Selection

Locating the correct site and its owners is a crucial step in forming a vision

State & Local Approvals

Land use, easements, permits & approvals are usually required

Vision Concept Design

Using Enscape we are able to visualize your project and export it to VR

Negotiations & Acquisitions

Buying something not for sale is very common for us

Cost Estimation

Our underwriting system is very thorough 

Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Walk through your project before its built

External Team Selection

Architects, engineers, and lawyers are also part of the process

Project Funding

Funding can be done with the help of private sources, banks, local, state, and federal entities 

Drone 3D & VR Integration

We combine real world sites with our 3D buildings into VR

Subsidiary Services

In addition to our development specialties, we offer construction related expertise and real estate management & maintenance services 

Barsan Construction is a subsidiary of Barsan Corporation and provides general contracting services. 

Barsan Property Management LLC provides maintenance services in addition to tenant management 

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